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El deseo (The Desire) - 2004

“Pueblo chico, infierno grande! Solo el deseo te mantiene vivo!“
(Small town, big hell! Only desire will keep you alive!)

EL DESEO (The Desire) is erotically mysterious drama telenovela, which was filmed by TV station TeLeFe under the lead of producers Claudio Villarruel and Marcos Gorban. The telenovela was filmed from March 1st till September 10th 2004 in studios Teleinde in Buenos Aires and all exterior scenes were filmed in small town Manzanares situated 45 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, which was called El Deseo in the telenovela. Authors Mario Segade and Gustavo Belatti, who wrote script to famous telenovela Resistiré from 2003, wrote the script.
In the leading role of artist Carmen there is Natalia Oreiro, who was preparing for her role for four months prior to filming with teachers of acrobatics. Her telenovela partners are Daniel Kuzniecka, Mauricio Navarro and Claudio Quinteros. In supporting roles there are Soledad Silveyra, Daniel Fanego or Luis Luque.
Telenovela’s title theme is a cover of song Light My Fire from band The Doors, which Oreiro sang in original English language. In the telenovela there is furthermore another new cover song used, it is cover of song ‘Is It Ok If I Call You Mine?’ from singer Paul McCrane and Oreiro sang the version in Spanish under the name No Te Importa.
The telenovela premiered on April 19th 2004 on TV station TeLeFe at 10.30pm. The first episode had very high rating of 27.1 points. Unfortunately, other episodes were not so successful. The telenovela did not reach interest of Argentine audience and was concluded earlier than planned, by 68th episode broadcasted on September 29th 2004.
Despite low ratings the telenovela was sold abroad under international name The Desire and thus was broadcasted also in Uruguay, Romania and Israel in years of 2004-2005. In Argentina the telenovela was nominated as the best telenovela at Martín Fierro 2004 awards. Moreover, actor Luis Luque was nominated as the best actor in supporting role while actress Susana Campos was nominated as the best actress in supporting role.

1. Telenovela information
    1.1 Plot
    1.2 Cast
    1.3 Main characters
    1.4 General information
2. Production
    2.1 Pre-productin
    2.2 Filming
3. Television release
   3.1 Argentina
   3.2 Other countries (Uruguay, Romania, Israel)
4. Awards & Nominations

1. Telenovela information

1.1 Plot
Carmen (Natalia Oreiro) is a beautiful young woman who works as an acrobat in nightclub in Buenos Aires. Her live is very stereotypical, her employer Roxi (Pedro Segni) tries to get her to bed, she does not communicate with her parents and she is lost in her own life…
In 200 kilometers away town called El Deseo there is a celebration of 20th anniversary of wedding of Dalmiro Bernal (Daniel Fanego), who is very rich owner of local hotel and spa, and his wife Mercedes (Soledad Silveyra), very attractive doctor. Mercedes has no idea how terrible secret was hidden from her by her mother Luisa (Susana Campos), who is haunted by her bad memories of what she has done in past. Twenty-five years ago Mercedes was pregnant with artist Flauta (Luis Luque), but because she was 18 only her parents wanted her to give up her child and to continue in studying medicine. Mercedes refused and that was a reason why Luisa made a terrible thing. When Mercedes gave birth to a little girl, Luisa told everyone that the baby was born dead. In the end Mercedes continued in studying and became a doctor. The baby was adopted by Ingrid (Marta Lubos) and by her German husband, who gave her name Carmen.
In present time Mercedes comes to Buenos Aires in order to hire a filmmaker who would make a movie document about Dalmiro’s spa. She meets Javier (Daniel Kuzniecka), who accepts and is excited about going to El Deseo. In the meantime Simón (Mauricio Navarro) plans also a trip to Buenos Aires to visit his girlfriend living there. The truth is that he has no girlfriend and he was just tired how his friends laughed at him and he decided to pretend to go to big city while camping in surrounding woods for several days. Daughter of Dalmiro and Mercedes, Antonia (Vera Carnevale) has very strange relationship with her fiancé Maximo (Claudio Quinteros). She does not want to sleep with him; however, she sleeps with Flauta in his circus at first occasion she has. Flauta is using the circus tent now as a town cinema.
Some time ago Luisa hired private detective Funes (Marcelo Alfaro), to find her lost granddaughter. Funes is successful and contacts Carmen to tell her that in El Deseo there is someone who has made her an heir of some things there. Carmen does not understand why would anyone want her to inherit something in El Deseo and that is why she hurries to bus station to talk to Funes before his departure to El Deseo. At the same time Javier hurries to catch the bus to El Deseo too. Javier runs into Carmen and they meet for the first time, and it was for sure not the last time…
Carmen decides to go to El Deseo to find out the truth. She is on the bus but she falls asleep and forgets to get off at El Deseo bus stop. When she wakes up the bus is already few kilometers away from the town but she is determined to walk back to town even though it is night already. The storm comes, there are lightings everywhere and Carmen finds herself in the middle of mire when she sees a shadow of a man. She gets scared and falls into the mire. The man is Simón who was camping around and heard her and he helps her out. In the morning they both go back to El Deseo. There Carmen looks for Funes but it seems like no one knows him. Carmen meets Javier again who offers her a lift. In the meantime Simón is in bar talking to his friends and his brother Pedro (Mariano Torre) but none of them believes him that he has a girlfriend from Buenos Aires. Carmen hears them talking by accident and she comes to Simón. She says to his friends that she is the girlfriend and she kisses him with passion. All Simón’s friends are shocked and cannot stop looking at sexy and beautiful Carmen. Carmen decides to stay in El Deseo to search for the truth and as a Simón’s girlfriend she stays with him in his grandfather’s Almeid (Oscar Nunez) house. Soon she starts to work in local bar together with Maximo.
The mystery of El Deseo begins. Funes who knows the whole truth about Carmen is found dead in woods and Luisa, who meets Carmen and wants to tell her everything dies alone in the wood. The truth about Carmen is, however, not lost; it just needs to be hidden for a while. Carmen meets with Flauta and also his friend Félix (Carlos Kaspar) and she is amazed by the fact that they have circus. She starts to train acrobatics again and with Flauta they are planning big opening of the circus. But there are more secrets and mysteries in El Deseo. Dalmiro is in touch with mafia and the water taken to spa is like alive, it tries to kill everyone who gets near…
Carmen starts to like Javier but he cheats on her with Mercedes who falls in love with him after she found her husband sleeping with his secretary Grace (Celina Font). When Carmen finds out that Javier is unfaithful she can finally start an affair with Maximo who she was already flirting with. Also Maximo falls in love with sensual Carmen, there is only his fiancée Antonia in their way…
It is a story full of twists, shocking secrets and mysterious deaths. In the end Carmen finds out who are her real parents and also that Dalmiro is an assassin who hides dead bodies in the lake and mires that later on he uses for his spa. He is also punished for his sins and dies by hand of his mafia ‘friend’ Rosales (Jorge Suaréz), with whom Antonia falls in love with and in the end she leaves with him abroad. Maximo can be now happy with Carmen, Javier is happy with Mercedes and Simón finds love in spa worker Faustina (Erica Rivas).
In the grand finale Carmen and Flauta fulfill their dream and open the circus where Carmen is a queen of the night. Near all her friends and family Carmen can enjoy the success of her work and trainings and she can finally live life with no mysteries and secrets by side of a man who loves her, Maximo…

El Deseo - Tv stills

1.2 Cast
Natalia Oreiro - Carmen
Daniel Kuzniecka - Javier
Claudio Quinteros - Maximo
Mauricio Navarro - Simon
Soledad Silveyra - Mercedes
Luis Luque - Flauta
Erica Rivas - Faustina
Daniel Fanego - Dalmiro Bernal
Alicia Bruzzo - Santillana
Carlos Kaspar - Felix
Susana Campos - Luisa
Mariano Torre - Pedro
Martin Slipak - Bruno
Monica Scapparone - Mabelita
Claudio Rissi - Hilario
Vera Carnevale - Antonia Bernal
Guillermo Pfening - El Luis
Marcelo Alfaro - Funes
Luciano Caceres - Alvaro
Azul Lombardia - Mariana
Lucrecia Oviedo - Juana
Ezequiel Antonini - Cristobal
Oscar Nunez - Almeida
Lucia Maciel - Pepa Katy

1.3 Main characters
Carmen – beautiful artist who seems lost in her own life. When she has chance to leave to faraway town El Deseo she doesn’t hesitate a bit...

Javier – journalist from Buenos Aires, who gets offer to film documentary about El Deseo and where he goes to. At the station he meets up with Carmen...
Máximo – posh owner of local bar and fiancé of nobility’s daughter. His attention gets newcomer Carmen and he offers her a job in his bar. Simón – he dreams of big love but cannot find it. When he meets with Carmen, he falls in love with her. She, however, her feelings just pretends…
Mercedes – Dalmiro’s wife, whose heart longs for daughter that was born dead twenty-five years ago. What she doesn’t know is that the girl survived… Dalmiro – rich spa owner, who has very close to mafia and is not afraid to show and demonstrate his power. He uses spa mud as hiding place for dead bodies…

1.4 General information
Genre: Mystery / Drama / Erotic / Romance / Crime / Thriller
Episodes: 68 (45 minutes)
Language: Spanish
Title song: Light My Fire / Natalia Oreiro (music & lyrics: The Doors)
Direction: Carlos Luna / Pablo Ambrosini / Miguel Colom
Script: Gustavo Bellati / Mario Segade
Art direction: Pedro Suárez
Production: TeLeFe / Claudio Villarruel / Marcos Gorban

2. Production

2.1 Pre-production
Already from the end of telenovela Kachorra in year 2002 there were many rumors regarding the return of star Natalia Oreiro on Argentine TV screens. More specific information about upcoming new telenovela were published on October 23rd 2003 by newspaper Clarín, where it was announced that new Oreiro’s telenovela would be called El Deseo, Pueblo Chico, and would be broadcasted by TV station TeLeFe at 10pm in year of 2004.
On October 31st 2003 newspaper El Día furthermore announced that TeLeFe is already closing deal with Oreiro on telenovela’s filming and that the telenovela would be broadcasted in late hour due to erotic scenes. Authors Mario Segade and Gustavo Belatti were currently developing telenovela’s script.
From November 2003 actress Natalia Oreiro started to prepare for her telenovela’s role, which is an acrobat. That is why in Buenos Aires in Escuela de Circo she started her training with acrobatics teachers Mariana and Roxana. Oreiro trained daily two or three hours in order to be able to perform several acrobatic moves on trapeze. Moreover, apart from the trainings Oreiro also had special nutrition diet to be in shape and healthy for her performance. She also met with acting coach Eduardo Gondel in order to create new dramatic character: “I didn’t want to repeat myself in acting, I wanted to gain new acting experiences,” said Oreiro.
In February 2004 it was announced that the telenovela’s name would in the end not be El Deseo, Pueblo Chico, but simply El Deseo. Oreiro explains about the name: “El Deseo, desire, moves the world and thus telenovela’s name, there is the good, the bad and the unknown!” Moreover, it was announced that Oreiro’s acting partner would Daniel Kuzniecka. Other actors to join the cast were Daniel Fanego, Luis Luque and Soledad Silveyra, who got part of Oreiro’s character’s mother. Oreiro said in an interview for América TV in February: “We are starting filming soon and if all goes as planned the telenovela would premiere by the end of March!” And in an interview for Viva Oreiro said about the difference between her previous telenovelas and El Deseo: “Both Muneca Brava and Kachorra were comedic telenovelas, one was making fun of stereotypical telenovelas while the other was sitcom. There will be humor in El Deseo, but its different kind of humor. It is mostly dramatic and passionate telenovela.“

Oreiro for Viva (February 2004); Oreiro at charity event (27-2-2004); Oreiro prior to filming (1-3-2004)

On Friday February 27th 2004, just few days prior to start of filming El Deseo, actress and singer Natalia Oreiro attended charity event in Buenos Aires, where she surprised everyone with her new look; blond hair, that she has changed especially for her telenovela’s role. Hairdresser Sergio Lamensa, who collaborates with Oreiro on her hairstyles, did the transformation. Oreiro said about her character: “I will be Carmen, unknown artist, who has very close relationship with world of circus. I am training acrobatics for four months already.“

2.2 Filming
Filming of the telenovela started on March 1st 2004 in Buenos Aires. Filming studio Teleinde in neighborhood Martínez in Buenos Aires was where majority of interior scenes were filmed. In there Oreiro started her filming on March 1st 2004 at 10am and was also accompanied by her husband Ricardo Mollo. Oreiro said for magazine Gente prior to telenovela’s filming: “I portray a girl from Buenos Aires, who comes to small town to change her life forever.” One of the first filming scenes, where also media were presented, Oreiro had in streets of neighborhood San Telmo in Buenos Aires, where actresses Celeste Cid and Norma Pons had special appearance.
On March 12th 2004 actor Claudio Quinteros, the last of three leading male characters that was still missing from the cast, joined filming of El Deseo. The first two leading male roles are portrayed by Daniel Kuzniecka and by Uruguayan actor Mauricio Navarro, who won casting for the role and thus telenovela is his acting debut. Filming of the telenovela in exteriors was done in town Manzanares situated 45 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. The town stood for fictional town El Deseo. Each filming day had on average 12 hours.

Oreiro during filming of first scenes (1-3-2004); Promo posters of telenovela El Deseo in Argentina

Unfortunately, after the premiere in April 2004 rating of telenovela El Deseo was not the one producers and TV station TeLeFe hoped for and that is why filming was concluded earlier than planned. The last filming day was on September 10th 2004. According to the original planning it was supposed to be only in December 2004.

3. Television release

3.1 Argentina
TV premiere of El Deseo in Argentina was announced for April 19th 2004 at 10.30pm on TV station TeLeFe. Telenovela’s title is English song Light My Fire from band The Doors, and is sung by Natalia Oreiro. Artist’s husband Ricardo Mollo recorded the song. Oreiro said about the new song: “Originally I was not supposed to sing the title song, but with Ricardo we spontaneously tried to record it and it worked out. I sing ‘Light My Fire’ four key tones below my normal key tone and I think it is one of the best songs that I have ever done.”
The first commercial announcing new telenovela on the TV was broadcasted already on February 28th 2004. Main protagonist Natalia Oreiro says: “Some stories you need to desire…wait a little more!” In April 2004 together with upcoming premiere date of the telenovela, new promotional videos and posters in Argentine media were being published. Oreiro was captured for the posters naked in order to visualize erotic subtext of the telenovela. She said about the posters: “It’s not erotic per se, it is rather sensual. Very sensual!” Telenovela’s tagline was: ‘Pueblo chico, infierno grande‘ (Small town, big hell).
Natalia Oreiro was on the cover of magazine Gente from April 13th 2004 where she talked about her telenovela El Deseo: “My character is an artist, she is very bohemian and flies on the trapeze because she doesn’t want to be connected to Earth. She lives cruel life and wants to fly to escape it. It was my desire to learn acrobatics. I need to surprise myself so I could surprise my audience.” She said about her image change: “I wanted to dye my hair blond. I have always portrayed sweet girls, adolescent, now I am sexy because Carmen is sexy. She is not afraid to show her sexuality. That is also why she will have three different partners in our story!”
Telenovela’s El Deseo premiere with the presence of media and majority of the cast took place in Hotel Alvear in Buenos Aires on April 14th 2004 at 10pm. “The whole training for my character was very difficult and it required a lot of patience and step by step approach. I am very happy with the result and also with the recognition I have received from my circus teachers,” said Natalia Oreiro for América TV. “We have amazing cast, production and authors, the telenovela is superb,” she said for TeLeFe: “I wish people would enjoy our telenovela as much as we enjoy working on it!”

Oreiro in interviews for Canal 9 & América TV (March 2004); Premiere of telenovela (14-4-2004)

In an interview for Terra from April 16th 2004 Natalia Oreiro said: “I decided to accept this role in September last year and that is when we started to work on further details of El Deseo. Soon after that I started my acrobatics training. I tried different styles and it was amazing. I didn’t want to stop, I trained for hours and each day was a new experience for me!”
On April 18th 2004 a new interview in newspaper La Nación was published with actors Natalia Oreiro, Daniel Kuzniecka, Mauricio Navarro and Claudio Quinteros, for which the actors also took new photos. “In El Deseo, which is 200 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, there is nothing as it seems; people don’t want to look back, they are motivated by their desires of passion, power or revenge. It is a story full of suspense, mystery and also supernaturalism,“ says Oreiro in the beginning. “I portray a rich guy in the story, he owns local bar and is dating daughter of nobility. Máximo is very ambitious and that is why he might appear as negative guy on the outside,” said Quinteros and Kuzniecka said about his character: “My character is Javier, he is a journalist and in the beginning of the story he comes to El Deseo to make a documentary about local spa. It is one of the characters, together with Carmen, who moves to El Deseo and for all local inhabitants is someone unknown.” Navarro talked about his character: “Simón wants all he cannot have. But above all he wants to find true love to fill his empty heart.” Kuzniecka said also about the fact that there are three leading male protagonists in the telenovela: “We are not like any other telenovela where it is obvious who is going to end up with whom. This way we can surprise and shock our audience. There are many events taking place that weren’t obvious from the first moment.” Oreiro adds: “Carmen is not a typical telenovela’s character, yes, she is looking for love but she is definitely no saint,” she laughs.
Together with TV premiere of El Deseo on TeLeFe on April 19th 2004, new interview with Natalia Oreiro for newspaper Clarín was published together with new photos. “I wanted to start acrobatics training as soon as possible to be also physically able to do it. The story is not only about circus but the fact is that my character is truly happy only if she is in the air. I like acting performances that come from physical abilities, actor can thus surprise his audience.“ She said about telenovela’s concept: “I wanted to get to know this new aspect of acting and the truth is that to work with such talented cast, this team and authors and to create a show for night time is really challenging!” She said about her three telenovela’s partners with whom her character will be romantically linked: “They are three gorgeous guys, I cannot complain at all. With the first one my character will have a romantic sweet relationship, with second one rather intellectual and with the third one very lively and passionate relationship.” The very same day actors Oreiro, Daniel Kuzniecka and Mauricio Navarro gave an interview for TV station TeLeFe during their filming: “It is fantastic story! Each character has something artistic in them,” said Oreiro. Still the same day, just few hours before the night TV premiere of the telenovela, actress Oreiro was guest of live show Susana Giménez on TeLeFe to present El Deseo personally: “I am very nervous about how people will take the telenovela, but I am calm at the same time because it is project of high quality, there is action, suspense and drama. We have fantastic cast and crew!” She said about her image change: “It was my idea to dye my hair blond and producers just loved it,” she laughs.

Interview for La Nación (18-4-2004); Oreiro for Clarín (19-4-2004); Oreiro for Tele Noticias (19-4-2004)

¨ The very first episode of El Deseo was broadcasted on April 19th 2004 at 10.30pm on TV station TeLeFe and was very successful reaching 27.1 points of rating. Argentine critics wrote about the telenovela:
“El Deseo gives preference to acted performances to spoken performances only. Camera and art direction are absolutely superb!”
Dolores Grana / La Nación

“Very good shown portrayal of characters, love and passion. This mysterious story will grasp viewer’s attention. Oreiro has never before been so sexy and mysterious!”
Luis María Hermida / Clarín

Actress Natalia Oreiro was on the cover of magazine Caras from April 27th 2004 where in the interview she said: “El Deseo was a challenge for me. I didn’t want to be in comedies forever, I wanted to try something new,” she said about her new telenovela genre. “Already when I read the script for the first time I knew I wanted to portray Carmen. I wanted to portray a dramatic character that would enrich me in my career. I wanted to be adult woman because the rest of my characters were usually adolescent. Carmen is strong, passionate and very dangerous woman, but at the same time she is sensitive and fragile and can get hurt. I am also temperamental and sensual but she is far more open and that is what I admire about her. Moreover, Carmen is very honest to people around her. She is moral and lives her live with instincts. And maybe that is why she is at almost the same time with three different guys,“ she said about her character.
Actresses Natalia Oreiro, Soledad Silveyra and Alicia Bruzzo were guests on April 28th 2004 of live TV show Susana Giménez, where they talked about El Deseo: “My character is very sad in her soul, she is complicated and is not happy in her life,” said Silveyra and Bruzzo added: “My character is someone who desires a guy who she cannot have. The whole story is very well written!”
Unfortunately, other episodes of telenovela El Deseo were not as successful as the first episode and the rating was constantly decreasing, soon later there started to be rumors about cancellation of the show. From May 3rd 2004 the telenovela was broadcasted only four times a week, from Monday to Thursday, and not five times a week like in previous weeks. The rating was low due to high ratings of competing TV nighttime telenovela Padre Coraje on TV station Canal 13, which was broadcasted in the same time. There were some rumors in the backstage of the filming that several actors would like to leave the telenovela as their characters developed in completely different way than promised, which changed the whole concept of the story.
On Wednesday May 19th 2004 actress Natalia Oreiro celebrated her 27th birthday during filming with the whole crew. Actresses Soledad Silveyra and Alicia Bruzzo prepared for Oreiro small party with chocolate cake. In the evening the same day there was also a birthday party in restaurant Niceto in neighborhood of Buenos Aires Palermo Viejo, where Oreiro apart from her family invited also her telenovela colleagues.

Show Susana Giménez (19-4-2004); Show Susana Giménez (28-4-2004); Birthday party of Oreiro (19-5-2004)

Actress Natalia Oreiro gave an interview and took new photos for newspaper La Nación, which was published on June 13th 2004. “I fell in love with acrobatics, I didn’t want to have stunt double for the scenes, I worked hard to make it happen. And when El Deseo is finished I will continue my training, even my teachers are satisfied with me. The most difficult part for me was to let go of trapeze and fly through open air. It has to be very precise and planned.”
On July 18th 2004 Natalia Oreiro was on the cover of magazine Luz, where new photos and interview were featured: “For me it is the most interesting role, all my previous characters were rather naive,” she said and added: “We are working really hard now because there is a lot going on in our story. My character is getting to know the world of circus and we film a lot in exteriors away from Buenos Aires. With my husband Ricardo we watch the telenovela, he loves it, he knows all the characters and likes to comment on it,” she laughs. Oreiro said about low ratings: “El Deseo is a distinct project, it was a challenge from the very beginning and I wanted to do it with everything I got, it was my own choice. Of course it would be fantastic if everyone would watch El Deseo but it’s certain kind of selection and I am very happy that I can be part of this telenovela!“
Unfortunately, low ratings were continuing and thus the whole production team and cast engaged in July 2004 in several meetings in order to talk about telenovela’s future. Actor Luis Luque said about it: “We closely collaborate with the authors, we are all very experienced so we can also offer some changes, we share ideas. I think that in the beginning of the story there were too many questions posed which could have discouraged people to watch and confuse them. Now we try to make it right and also get closer to El Deseo mysteries!” In the end it was decided by the end of July that starting from August 4th 2004 the telenovela would be broadcasted on TV only once a week, each Wednesday at 11.30pm. Ratings did not get better despite all the efforts, which included special guest participation of actor Jorge Lanata, erotic scene of Soledad Silveyra or image change of Natalia Oreiro to very short blond hair.

Natalia Oreiro in Argentine magazines in April, June and July 2004 promoting El Deseo

The final 68th episode of telenovela El Deseo was broadcasted on September 29th 2004. The broadcasting was thus concluded after five months, when the telenovela could be seen on TV station TeLeFe. The last episode had rating of 15.9 points (in last minutes it was 17.1). The telenovela had on average rating of 14.3 points, the most successful was the first episode with 27.1 points, and the lowest rating was 8.5 points on July 29th 2004. TV critics commented on low ratings: “Every telenovela has it’s code, it doesn’t matter what the story is about, and El Deseo did not have this code, there was no main couple, which is the first rule of each telenovela.” Moreover, it was said that El Deseo appeared to be rather TV series than telenovela as it was presented, and thus as a telenovela it was missing certain characteristics that could be misleading in the end.
Together with the end of El Deseo on TV, actress Natalia Oreiro was on October 8th 2004 featured in magazine Para Ti with new photos and interview: “It was essential for me to portray this character, which was not comedic one. And also I could do the training, I lived for circus!” She answered about change of broadcasting time to once a week only: “It was understandable and also necessary, because we were unable to film more than three episodes a week. The script called for many exterior scenes that were not easy to film. We made 68 episodes of high quality while others in the same time make 150!”
About unsuccessful broadcasting of El Deseo talked Natalia Oreiro also in magazine Caras from December 14th 2004: “El Deseo wasn’t as successful in ratings as I expected, but for me it was not acting failure. I wanted to work on this project, I wanted to portray an adult woman and TeLeFe offered me exactly that. The problem was that I trusted the authors completely and I never asked about the script of first twenty episodes prior to signing my contract. I would never do that again. I trusted them in what they have told me but there was never an actual script of how the story is going to develop. Despite all that I am very happy for my acting growth in this telenovela!” She answered about if she continues her acrobatics training: “No, I decided to end this phase of my life and to start doing new things again!”

3.2 Other countries (Uruguay, Romania, Israel)
In Uruguay, the telenovela was broadcasted always one day after it was broadcasted in Argentina, the premiere in Uruguay was thus on April 20th 2004. In Romania the telenovela was broadcasted by TV station Acasa and under name Dorinta the telenovela premiered on November 13th 2004. Actress Natalia Oreiro also recorded special message for Romanian audience. The telenovela was also broadcasted by Israeli TV station Viva.

Natalia Oreiro for Acasa TV

4. Awards & Nominations
In Argentina the telenovela was nominated as the best telenovela at Martín Fierro 2004 awards. Moreover, actor Luis Luque was nominated as the best actor in supporting role while actress Susana Campos was nominated as the best actress in supporting role. Unfortunately, the telenovela did not win any from nominated awards.
Clarín, 19-4-2004
Revista Semanario, Marzo 2004
América TV interview, Febrero 2004
Viva Interview, Israel
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Luz, 18-7-2004
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