Beautiful new photos with Natalia for a new shoes collection of brand Lady Stork for autumn/winter 2018.

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Natalia in a new commercial for pain killers Ibupirac, which was filmed at the end of February in Montevideo.

Source: Ibupirac UY, Juntos x Natalia Fans Club de Natalia Oreiro

In tomorrow's issue of Israeli magazine Blazer there will be Natalia on the cover with new photos and interview not only about upcoming concert in Tel Aviv.

Source: Oz Lucas, blazermagazine

On March 20th Natalia Oreiro returns to Israel with a concert and on Israeli TV Viva returns telenovela Wild Angel since April 2nd. TV Viva organizes a contest to win tickets for the concert and a meeting with Natalia.


Interview with Natalia can be found now in Israeli magazine Pplus, where she talked about upcoming concert in Tel Aviv: "It will be a special show. I will present my biggest hits and few songs from movie Gilda. I promise many suprices!"

Source: Natalia Oreiro Israel

Natalia spent Saturday in El Prado, in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she was filming new commercial for company Ibupirac.

After filming she spent several minutes with her local fans and then she returned to Buenos Aires because of filming movie Re loca, which is great and fans will love it, said Naty.

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Yesterday Natalia wished on social network VK happy birthday to her mum. "Happy birthday mum, i love you ♥"


Natalia Oreiro sang a new song in rhythm of cumbia, original song is by Gilda - Como marea. The song is called "Marea Feminista" (Feminist Wave) and it is a "anthem" of 8th March, Working Women Day, when Paro Internacional de Mujeres (International Women's Strike) is held.

Source: NODAL - Noticias de América Latina y el Caribe,

Natalia Oreiro for new collection of fashion brand Las Oreiro for Fall/Winter 2018.


Natalia and showman Radagast performing Tu Veneno at backstage of filming movie Re loca.
Natalia confirmed participation at show of Radagast Despedida on April 6th in Gran Rex.

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Natalia shared a photo with her husband Ricardo from their wedding on VK with description: "♥♥♥"


Natalia shared on VK a photo from the backstage of filming movie Re Loca with actress Gimena Accardi (Josefina from Kachorra). "Don't laugh a lot Gime, your time will come."


Natalia is now very much involved in the social network VK. Check today's second photo from today's photoshoot for Lady Stork, new shoe collection with comment: "Bye Sunday!"


Natalia Oreiro has returned with movie of a genre that made a star from her, with movie Re Loca, which is a wild comedy. For the first time she portrays a role with Diego Torres and in the movie there will also play Fernán Miras, Gimena Accardi, Pilar Gamboa, Hugo Arana, Radagast y Martin Garabal, among others.

Movie Re Loca, where Natalia portray a role of Pilar, is directed by Martin Zadelis, a winner of Martín Fierro statue for realization of series "El Hombre de tu vida". The movie's filming started on Monday in Buenos Aires and it's premiere is planned for July 5th 2018 in the whole Argentina.

What would be your life if you could suddenly tell to anyone what do you think about them? Taxi drivers, annoying neighbors, dictatorial bosses, selfish relatives, mother-in-law, ex-partners, lazy husbands... All of these people who get you crazy every day. And if you could send them there, where you always wanted, without any interest?

An incredible event will cause Pilar (Natalia Oreiro) will be finally able to do that, what we all are dreaming about, but we can't do that. Of course, getting rid of all these things that bother us, is not so easy.


Natalia just published on VK photos from today's photoshoot: "Sunday of photos LS :heart:"


Natalia today on VK: "Finishing a week of Re Loca"


VK: "Thank you for a million of friends! :heart: "Nasha Natasha" is coming!
Naty published a part from documentary Nasha Natasha, with scenes from party of her 15th birhtday.


Natalia yesterday after filming of movie Re Loca: "You have never dreamed about breaking anything in a quarrel??? "

And today Naty shared a photo on VK from backstage of filming: "Rest between scenes"


Natalia today on VK: "First day. Re Loca"


Naty on VK: "Tomorrow action!!! "
Tomorrow starts filming of movie Re Loca, remake of Chilean movie Sin filtro! It should be filmed in Mar del Plata.


Natalia shared photos from birthday party of her son Ata, who celebrated with his friends his 6th birthday.

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Naty is sending us kisses from Buenos Aires! "Hello Czech republic! I am Natalia Oreiro and I want to send you many kisses!, bye!"


Son of Natalia and Ricardo, Atahualpa Merlín celebrates his 6th birthday today! Happy birthday!!!


Naty s novým střihem dnes v Buenos Aires pózuje pro izraelský časopis Blazer.

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Naty on VK just shared a video from making new hair cut for filming of movie Re Loca! How do you like her new haircut?


Natalia greets fans in Israel and invites to a concert held in Tel Aviv on March 20th 2018!

Source: Carnavalera Reggaeton, Gil mishali

Naty today on VK: "Happy Friday!!! If we have 1 million, a gift from "Nasha Natasha". On social network VK she has almost 993 000 followers right now.


Natalia Oreiro is preparation for a filming of movie Reloca, remake of Chilean movie Sin filtro, which should be filmed since February.

Source: Hugo Kato Quiril

New photos of Natalia promoting micelar water and lipstick will appear soon in new catalogue of Avon.

Source: VenenososdS

Server published news today that fiming of movie Reloca, remake of Chilean movie Sin filtro with Natalia Oreiro in leading role, will start from next month.


Yesterday Natalia shared to VK a photo of her dad and son Atahualpa to wish happy birthday to her dad, who celebrated 69th birthday. "Happy birthday, dad"


Natalia with her sister Adriana gave an interview about their fashion brand Las Oreiro, which celebrated 10th anniversary last year, to Uruguayan magazine Cala.


"You go away for 10 days and when you return... your pumpkins are taller than you"


Naty shared on VK a poster to promote March concert in Israel: "I return to Israel! With all my desire!"


Natalia shared from Uruguayan Carmelo to social network VK the first photo of this year with comment: "Happy first day."


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