Naty for Sedal:

In April 2008 Natalia revealed that she was chosen to became a new face of campaign "Life can't wait" by Sedal. Sedal is a famous brand of hair products, in Europe known under name Sunsilk. Natalia was very happy with the offer, because she could be another star who will promote this company, next to Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or Shakira.
Naty was choosen because of her love to changes of look. She had her hair short, long, straight, curly... black, brown, red, and even blond.

"It was crazy when they called me because of the campaign and they told me that this campaign represents also Marilyn or Madonna. I just thought: "They are joking, why they want me? They told me that it's because I often change my look", said Natalia.

Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Shakira and Natalia Oreiro for Sedal

In June 2008 was finally broadcasted a new great TV spot with Naty for Sedal. Naty presents there what you can do with a new product of Sedal. She plays there a celebrity who leaves hotel and in front of the building there are many people waiting for her.

In another commercial Naty participated with hair stylist of Sedal - Sergio Lamensa. Naty said there so as to people visit website Since the time started a huge promotion and Naty started participating at presentations of this new campaign called "La vida no puedo esperar", which should provoke women to see opportunities which they have and live now and for full.

Biography of Natalia from Argentinean website of Sedal

In May there were with Naty taken wonderfull photos for magazine Sedal Mag also with an interview.

In Uruguay and Argentina coud people meet on the streets billboards with Naty for a new product "Las Capas de Pelo", which replaced posters with slogan "La vida no puede esperar".

First presentation took place in Buenos Aires on 10th April 2008. There were many journalists, photographers but also fans of Natalia. Natalia posed to photographers and answered to many questions.

Another presentation took part in Natalia's native country, Uruguay, on April 21st 2008. First she gave an interview to TV channel Teledoce and in the evening she participated at presentation in salon Lounge Drive in Golf club, Montevideo. There were more than 500 people, among them profesional stylists and journalists from Uruguay. There didn't miss Natalia's parents Mabel and Carlos.

Natalia arrived to Paraguay on Thursday 3rd July 2008 so as to present a new product of Sedal Style Capas Destacadas and a new campaign. Naty arrived to Silvio Pettirossi airport at 10 am and she stayed at hotel Sheraton. She had a day off, because the previous day she was a host of Martín Fierro awards. Next day at 15 o'clock she participated at press conference. In the evening in Milennium Hall in Carmelite Center there was a presentation, where Naty gave autographs and she couldn't stop to speak about her changes of hair styles.
Natalia dazzled with her extreme sympathy at least 99,9% people from Paraguay.

In August 2008 was launched a new TV spot. An Argentinean website of company Sedal proclaimed a new competition with a price: meeting and dinner with Natalia Oreiro! Just write your life story. In the TV spot Naty says: "When I was 7, I was disguised and I said that I was Marylin Monroe, when I was 15 I won in competition of Xuxa and since that moment I do not stop, soap operas, movies, albums, travelling, I've always loved to change. And you can see in my life I can't wait, and you? Enter to website of Sedal and tell me your story."

There was published a book "Natalia Oreiro Sedal", which was used for promotion. Naty wrote there important moments of her life and changes of look.

On Wednesday August 13th in the morning, met Natalia 20 winners of contest by Sedal "Write your story" in Radio 100 (FM 99.9) in Buenos Aires. Natalia talked about her changes, she also gave a radio interview and she was interviewed for programme Mạanas Informales. Then Naty spent moments winners, she gave autographs and was photographed with them, handed out books of Sedal...

In February 2009 Natalia filmed another commercial for new hair products "S.O.S" by Sedal. In the filming there was working a crew of 50 people. A hairdresser Sergio Lamensa took care of Natalia's hair.

The commercial was launched on Argentinean and Uruguayan televisions at the end of February.

In August 2013 with a short video was revealed that Natalia Oreiro will once again a face of brand Sedal. Several days later was uploaded to a Youtube account of Sedal Argentina several commercials with Natalia where she adviced how to make a hairstyles for special events in three steps.

On Saturday, 26th October was filmed a music video Todos me miran. It was filmed in Natalia's house in Palermo during 20 hours. In Natalia's kitchen there was mounted a bar and in living room there was a "bull". Natalia was practicing during a week so as to everything could be filmed during a weekend. Natalia's son Merlín was very afraid of the bull so as to he even did not want to enter to the living room. Said Naty in TV interview. On Saturday 11th November in Natalia's garden were filmed last scenes for the music video, where only Natalia's face can be seen.
On November 28th was the music video presented at club Tequila in Palermo, Buenos Aires, with presence of Natalia. Naty sang a piece of the song Todos me miran. A little bit later there was launched also a CD single Todos me miran.

Natalia promoted products of Sedal in telenovela Solamente vos which she was filming in 2013 and where she portrayed a hairdresser Aurora.

On January 3rd Natalia recorded audio for a new commercial which was launched at the beginning of January. The commercial promoted a products for hair growth. Spot was called „Todos me miran“. On January 17th was Natalia present at hairdressing salon on the beach of Mar del Plata. Natalia gave some interviews, with a help of a hairdresser Sergio Lamenso presented several easy hairstyles and sang piece of song Todos me miran.